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3 Quick Tips To An Easy Property Settlement In Cairns

| selling property For most of it, the sale of a property should be an enjoyable and stress free experience…

20/09/2016 - Preston Law

How Not To Lose The Sale… 4 Things To Do To Secure Your House Sale

| selling property If you are about to enter into a Contract to sell your property or you have already…

22/06/2016 - Preston Law

Time Is Of The Essence

| buying property, selling property, property conveyancing “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” – White Rabbit, Alice…

22/06/2016 - Preston Law

5 Questions to Ask the Selling Agent Before Buying That Property

| buying property When speaking and negotiating with a selling agent you need to be aware that the selling agent…

22/06/2016 - Preston Law