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The Impact of Settlement Delays on Property Transactions

Settlement represents the final stage in a property transaction, and it is crucial that all preparatory matters are resolved prior…

12/07/2024 - Preston Law

Understanding the Impacts of the New Property Law Act 2023 for Sellers and Buyers: What You Need to Know

The Property Law Act 2023 ushered in a wave of significant changes within the property law landscape in Queensland. Whether…

04/06/2024 - Preston Law

Buying And Selling Property Under An Option Deed In Queensland

When considering buying or selling property under an option agreement in Queensland, it’s crucial to understand what an option deed…

15/05/2024 - Preston Law

What Is Considered A Fixture In Property Law?

If you are buying or selling a property, you may come across the word ‘fixture’. This term, and what it…

24/04/2024 - Preston Law

How The Cooling-Off Period Works In Queensland Contracts

Buying a property can be an exhilarating experience and can often move incredibly quickly once your offer has been accepted….

09/04/2024 - Preston Law

Can A Property Be Sold If It Has A Caveat?

In Queensland, if a caveat is lodged on the title of the property you are hoping to sell, you may…

14/03/2024 - Preston Law