Selling Property in Cairns: How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

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Selling Property in Cairns: How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Have you grown out of your starter home and are ready to cash in on that equity you’ve been building to size up to a bigger Cairns property?

Maybe you’re an investor or landlord who is looking to drop some of your smaller properties so that you can make some quick cash or prepare to invest into a more valuable property.

Whatever reason you’ve got to sell your property—residential or commercial, big or small, busy street or quiet street —perhaps the most important decision you’ll need to make is choosing the right real estate agent. This quick guide will provide you with a few easy tips to know what to look for in a realtor for selling property in Cairns.

Choose Local

If you’re selling property in Cairns, you want to choose a real estate agent who knows the area. A real estate agent who has been monitoring the houses in the region for years, as well as helping other buyers find homes nearby, knows the local market. They know what similar properties have sold for, how long they tend to stay on the market, and the type of people who are looking to buy them. Overall, choosing a local real estate agent means choosing a quicker sale.

Choose Experienced

Beyond just choosing someone local, you want to find a real estate agent who has been selling property in Cairns for years. The more experience they have, the more you can trust them to make the right decisions. They’ll have made connections over the years and be able to provide you with reliable referrals to any services you might need in relation to selling the property, such as contractors, home inspectors, or solicitors. 

Choose Wisely

When you are getting new car insurance or hiring a contractor, you shop around to get the best value for your budget. You should do the same when it comes to your real estate agent. Make some calls, ask friends for references, and read online reviews. Then, when you’ve got your shortlist written up, attend a few open houses being hosted by the potentials in order to get a sense of how they interact with buyers. Ask the agent some questions to gauge how helpful, informative, and persuasive they are. Think of these interactions as interviews helping you to sort out the final candidates.

Selling Property in Cairns

A well-chosen real estate agent should make your life easier. Selling property can be stressful enough as is, so you don’t want someone inexperienced and unhelpful getting in your way when they should be helping you seal the deal. Follow these simple tips in order to choose the right real estate agent to sell your property in Cairns.

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