How To Choose A Conveyancer: A Guide For Homebuyers And Investors In Cairns

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How To Choose A Conveyancer: A Guide For Homebuyers And Investors In Cairns

When choosing a conveyancer in Cairns there are a number of key questions a client must ask their prospective conveyancer to be satisfied that they have the right person for the job.

How many people do you have in your team?

Whilst it is a romantic notion to think that you will receive better one-on-one service from a sole practitioner or single-member conveyancing team, experience shows that smaller conveyancing teams struggled to deliver the same level of service that large teams do, given that:

  1. the absence of a team member on account of annual or sick leave often results in your matter standing still;
  2. a small team is less able to deal with a sudden influx of work;
  3. a small team is less likely to have the resources available to it that a large team will have access to.

How many homes have you and your team helped your clients purchase?

This is an obvious question to ask given that the more experience that your conveyancer and their team has the more likely they will be capable of assisting you through the process efficiently and without an error.

How much do you charge and is your price and all-inclusive fixed fee?

Of course price is one of the considerations that a homebuyer will have regard to in selecting a conveyancer; however, it is, in our experience, the third or fourth most important feature in a client’s decision in selecting a conveyancer.  Ultimately, any price savings between one conveyancer and another will pale into asset insignificance as compared to the potential loss that can be caused by obtaining poor quality (limited), inexperienced or rushed advice from a conveyancer.

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