What Hidden Things Should Queensland House Buyers Look for?

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What Hidden Things Should Queensland House Buyers Look for?

It’s fantastic news that Queensland is becoming increasingly popular as a desirable living destination. The property market here is so much more accessible to buyers who have been squeezed out of the mostly unaffordable areas like Melbourne and Sydney, not to mention our great climate.

But if you aren’t clued in about some potential pitfalls, purchasing a home in Queensland could prove to be a problematic and costly exercise. Most buyers are aware of the need to check for damage to a property and pests, but some other things need to be on the pre-purchase list. 

If you’re not sure where to begin,  the legal services of experiencedconveyancing solicitors can help guide you through purchasing property and the law. 

Here are some of the main problems to watch out for:

Termite problems

It is undoubtedly one of the downsides of owning property in our lovely State, and if a termite infestation goes unnoticed and untreated, it can cause severe damage with the associated financial loss.

It is essential to include a scan for termites as part of the building and pest control inspection, and it is advisable to use pest professionals for this job. 

Construction Proximity

We are all delighted that there is such a desirability to live in our region, but the reality of this is that there is a lot of construction to create new homes. Before buying, it is a great idea to check out what construction projects are planned for the area, you might get a surprise if your beautiful new home is suddenly filled with dust and the constant hammering of building equipment. 

This is something that you should investigate yourself as the Real Estate agents are under no obligation by law to advise you of any upcoming construction projects in the area. The local or regional council website is a good place to start.


After recent cyclone and flooding events in Queensland, buyers are now even more aware of the potential property damage caused by extreme weather and the elements. It is advisable to inspect the home and surrounds in bad weather and excessive rain to identify any possible problems with flooding and drainage.

Neighbour Noise

The great Queensland climate means that our lifestyle naturally has an outdoor focus a lot of the time. The downside of this is noise. We are all generally respectful of our neighbours where possible but even so, we’ve all experienced those situations when the music, TV, talking is just too loud, especially with open windows. Again, the Real Estate agents may not warn about noisy neighbours, so it is a really good idea to check it out for yourselves, before signing. Visit the home and area at different times of the day and night to get a good feel for the noise situation. 

Hidden Costs

Always be on the lookout for potential costs further down the line, especially when you are buying an older property. Simple things, like a retaining wall that is slightly leaning, could cost thousands at a later date to rectify. Don’t be afraid to inspect every inch of your potential new home and ask as many questions as you need, you can’t be too thorough. After all, this could be your new home or investment property.

If you are unclear about the questions to ask or you are not sure about the law and need some advice, the services of an experienced legal conveyancer can help.

Cairns Conveyancing Solicitors can help make purchasing your dream property a less stressful process and make sure that your interests are looked after.

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