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Things To Expect During Your Settlement Period

It’s not every day that you buy or sell property, and the process – from finding the right agent to…

26/04/2023 - Preston Law

The Lowdown on Easements

An easement is a piece of land which has terms attached to which permit its use or access to a…

12/04/2023 - Preston Law

Tips For Getting Your Property Cyclone Ready

You can never be too prepared for destructive weather, especially if you reside in Far North Queensland where the wet…

27/02/2023 - Preston Law

Selling in Queensland - Your Rights As a Seller

When transacting property, both the buyer and the seller have rights. It is important to understand exactly what your rights…

31/01/2023 - Preston Law

Tips For Bidding At Auction In Queensland

With Queensland’s property market holding steady, many vendors are opting to sell their homes at auction rather than risk what…

21/11/2022 - Preston Law

Queensland's Move To eConveyancing in 2023

In 2023, Queensland will move to an eConveyancing system in line with the Land Title Regulation 2022 (Qld). Read on…

31/10/2022 - Preston Law